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VPN Unlimited is a US-based VPN service founded by KeepSolid Inc. in 2003. While its jurisdiction raises privacy concerns, the provider boldly promises to protect users’ connections. The promise is not just a mere play of words, as indeed the VPN offers full anonymity, thanks to their list of advanced security features.

While the VPN’s over 400 servers may seem relatively smaller compared to what most top-rated providers offer, the servers are spread across many countries. They are distributed across more than 80 locations worldwide, with recent additions in regions including Libya, Serbia, Costa Rica, and Bosnia.

The provider seems to compensate what it misses in server count by dedicating 5 servers for torrenting only. But, how fast are connections to these servers? Can users stream geo-blocked content in HD and 4K quality?

In this review, we’re going to answer these and many other critical questions; by evaluating the provider on various standards. We’ve also included a metric score to give you a quick view of the provider’s overall performance.

VPN Unlimited – Verdict

VPN Unlimited is an affordable service with an easy-to-use interface. Most importantly, according to our tests, the provider can be relied on for fast and secure connections, making the VPN ideal for streaming and P2P file sharing.

Overall Rank: 4.5/5.0

Security: 5/5

Average Download Speed: 78.56 Mbps

Streaming Score: 5/5

Privacy Rating: 3/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Streaming Support: 4KHDR, and HD

Streaming Services Supported: ESPN, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Popcornflix.

Supports Torrenting: Yes, on 5 of its servers 

Money-Back Guarantee: 7 days


  • Fast connection speeds
  • Military-grade encryptionUnblocks numerous US streaming services
  • Responsive email support and live chat


  • Relatively few servers


Generally speaking, there are two categories of VPNs in the market. The feature-rich VPNs that come weighed down with specs, thus offering freedom of customization. Next are VPNs, which are minimalists on the features, thus enhancing users’ experience.

VPN unlimited falls between the two categories since it balances the number of features and users’ experience. From this perspective, you won’t have problems navigating its interface, neither do you need to be tech-savvy to use features.

Also, the VPN offers native apps for virtually all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Besides, installing any of these client apps is pretty straightforward, as it is with launching a connection.

In addition to having basic features such as a kill switch, VPN Unlimited also has a ‘whitelist’ option. This unique feature allows you to save your trusted networks. As such, the VPN automatically launches protection when connected to suspicious networks, ensuring you’re always safe online.

The kill switch isn’t included in the Android app. As with the Android App, the iOS app doesn’t come with a built-in kill switch.

If you’d like to use the VPN as a proxy, you can choose any of the provider’s Chrome, Firefox, and Opera add-ons.

Note that these extensions don’t carry much functionality like the desktop and mobile apps. Such features include the ability to save your favorite servers and server-filtering capabilities.

We like that the proxies can automatically set up a connection when your browser launches, but the add-ons only protect your traffic.

Even so, the Chrome extension has some extra features, such as ad, malware, and tracker blocking options. Also, with this extension, you can select the websites to access with the VPN and which ones you won’t.


In the recent few years, there’s been an increase in streaming services on the internet. Unfortunately, most of these services impose regional blocks in a bid to honor their agreement with movie studios and producers.

VPN Unlimited performs considerably well in bypassing geo-restrictions imposed on them by renowned streaming services.

The provider further highlights designated servers for streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. In turn, users enjoy more convenience compared to using an average VPN (where you have to select the best server from a long list).

We were able to stream Amazon Prime, ESPN, Popcornflix, and Sony Crackle using the US servers. These servers are optimized for first-rate streaming performance and are regularly assigned new IP addresses, making your connections undetectable.

Security and Privacy

A VPN’s security level is determined by its protocols and the technical process by which data is encrypted. One of the most secure protocol is OpenVPN, with AES-256 encryption.

In some cases, providers omit this protocol in their Mac and iOS apps to maintain compatibility with Apple devices. Keep in mind that Apple doesn’t approve apps that use OpenVPN unless they adhere to their strict requirements.

We were impressed that VPN Unlimited secures iOS and macOS using IKEv2. The provider further enhances the users’ security using self-owned KeepSolid Wise technology. This helps make your connection appear almost regular, thus can be undetectable even in regions with strict VPN censorship, like China.  

One drawback, though, the company is based in the US, but several users don’t consider this a real problem. And here’s why: VPN Unlimited claims that they don’t keep any logs.

Even so, we don’t like that the VPN provider might collect bits of your information while using the service. These include IP addresses, time-stamps, your device details, and the amount of traffic per session.

While the provider claims these details are kept for telemetric reasons, but still, some VPNs work just fine without having to record such information.

Regardless of these concerns, there’s no evidence of VPN Unlimited taking any logging liberties with users’ personal data. And that’s good for you.


Speed loss is inevitable when using a VPN, as such, VPN Unlimited is no exception. Thanks to the encryption process.

For comparison, we tested our unsecured connection speed, which was 100.50 Mbps. The VPN service managed 69.35 Mbps when connected to a US-based server. Canadian servers had an impressively managed 90.02 Mbps while servers in Japan gave us 76.23 Mbps.

From the tests, the average connection speed is 78.56 Mbps, which should be enough for performing even the most demanding tasks such as streaming. If anything, Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 5 Mbps for HD quality and 25 Mbps for streaming 4K videos.


Affordability is arguably VPN Unlimited’s most significant selling point. The provider’s month-to-month option costs $9.99, which is slightly cheaper than the market’s standard $12.00 for the same duration.

Of course, the extended plans are much less expensive. The annual plan sets you back $5 a month while the 3 years plan costs $2.78/month.

Note that the stated subscriptions allow you to connect five devices simultaneously, which should be enough to secure a small-sized family. Better yet, the provider offers a 10-device plan for small businesses and large households.

The ten device plan month-to-month plan will cost you $14.99, the annual plan $7.5 per month, and $4.17/month for the three years option. So much better, you can pay anonymously using Bitcoin.

The VPN’s simultaneous connection functions slightly differently from typical VPNs. Once you connect a device, it occupies one slot on the VPN. If you reach the limit, you’ll have to disconnect one device to add a new one. Plus, you’re only allowed to do this a couple of times a month, which is the only annoying thing about their pricing plans.

Alternative VPN Options

VPN Unlimited offers outstanding performance at a low price, with apps compatible with all major OSes. However, the kill switch needs some work, the device management isn’t the best out there, and the provider is short on servers.

Luckily, a few other providers are willing to ‘relieve’ you of these pains with more improved services. Case in point; PrivateVPN and NordVPN.


PrivateVPN prides itself on offering port-forwarding capabilities for a faster streaming experience. This is probably enough consolation for its shortlist of servers, which is just above 150 servers in 60 countries.

In addition to using the most secure 2048-bit encryption with AES-256, the provider operates under strict no-logs policy. PrivateVPN doesn’t keep any traffic logs to be seized by the government. In fact, the provider claims not knowing what you’re doing.

The pricing plans are pretty basic, unlike those offered by VPN Unlimited. The monthly plan goes for $7.67, one of the cheapest in the market.

The quarterly plan costs $4.88/month, and a yearly plan goes for $3.82/month. The good thing, a single login account lets you secure up to 6 devices at the same time. Plus, you get to enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks to get premium VPN protection, then NordVPN is your best option.

As far as security is concerned, NordVPN performs exemplary well. In addition to encrypting your data with 256-bit keys, the service further encrypts users’ data using Double VPN technology, providing extra protection.

For $11.95, you’ll enjoy the service’s fast connection speeds and robust security, for one month. You can also subscribe to the $6.99/month annual plan or the most affordable $3.49/month three years plan.

The provider also offers a long list of over 5,200 servers spread across more than 60 countries. While the server count doesn’t always guarantee fast connections, NordVPN users rarely experience bandwidth limitations or data caps.


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