Does Hola Work With Netflix in 2024?

It happens to many people, you try to connect to Netflix through your secure VPN link for safety and to bypass the region lock, and you get the black screen telling you that you’re blocked. So, instead of watching your favorite show like you intended, you have to waste more time tinkering.

Why Netflix Blocks a VPN Provider

Netflix isn’t just trying to annoy you by blocking your VPN, there is in fact a purpose behind it. This related to the agreements they’ve made with intellectual property holders that they will only release the content in certain geographical locations. Believe it or not, this is par for the course. Video providers have been keeping to these geographical limitations for a long time. Netflix has promised to try to remove the limitations for a while, but for now, their agreements with their partners prevent them from doing so.

The Problem with Hola

Regardless of what your opinion of Hola is separate from this, if your purpose is to unblock Netflix, a service like Hola just isn’t going to do it. The problem is that you need a service that is specifically focused on fighting off the effects of Netflix. The issue is that Netflix is adding IP addresses from VPN services all the time, and making sure that they block any and all IP addresses they find. Then, when the service creates new IP addresses, Netflix finds out about those and adds them as well. This means that you have the constant problem of having your VPN blocked on Netflix over and over again.

This means that if your goal was to binge Netflix while in a different country from the one that has the material that you want, you are out of luck. The VPN isn’t going to cut it. You need a specialized service other than Hola in order to handle what Netflix is doing.

Best Blocked Netflix Workaround: ExpressVPN

Fortunately, this is where ExpressVPN comes in. This service is specifically focused on countering a Netflix Block. If you get this service, you will have considerable resources that you can use to get around the block. The way it works is that you click on the server you want in your country of choice, and then go back and try tog et your binge on again. If it fails, no problem, you just pick another server!

ExpressVPN is adding new servers all the time in an active counter to Netflix’s blocking. They essentially continually add new servers every time old ones are blocked. This is something unique to ExpressVPN since they specifically put effort and resources into it. The key to this is the response time that ExpressVPN has. Other VPNs aren’t able to devote the same kind of effort to this endeavor since they aren’t going all out against the block the same way that ExpressVPN does, and they don’t have as much of a dedicated team to solving the problem the way that ExpressVPN does.

On top of all that, ExpressVPN also has a lot of information and literature on getting around blocks, as well as providing tricks to help you with your Netflix experience. This includes giving recommendations for extensions and add-ons to use, and continual updates on unblocking Netflix so that you can use it the way that you want to use it.

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Major Advantages

Beyond their dedication to unblocking Netflix, ExpressVPN also has one of the best support teams around for customers. They will get to your problem quickly and solve it efficiently. They are friendly, competent and knowledgeable. The customer support team is ready to help around the clock. Plus, there’s an optimization on the network for streaming videos specifically. This means that ExpressVPN is particularly well-suited to hosting Netflix for you on your country of choice rather than where you happen to be so that you can get the Netflix content that you actually paid for.

Other advantages that you can expect from the ExpressVPN service, in general, include, for starters, the fact that you get impressive speeds and latency from a number of different servers. The latency is often between 50 and 70 ms, which is excellent for streaming. Also, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of servers that you have in more than 90 countries and growing all the time. Remember, it’s important that these countries have many multiple servers due to the fact that it’s needed for countering Netflix on its campaign to make it impossible for people to find the content they want on their own service.

The speeds are often at 20,000 kbps and more., making it perfectly acceptable for 4k UHD videos that you can find on Netflix now, and plenty flexible to handle any kind of content that Netflix may offer in the immediate future as well. People often report that the VPNs don’t slow down your natural speed that much, it’s often as much as three quarters or higher, which is great for the security and unblocking features that you get.

Plus, you also get pricing that’s well under $10, which is significant considering the advantages that you get for what you’re paying for. Remember, this is one of the only consistent ways to unblock the geo lock on Netflix at all. No other service is going to give you that kind of ability along with the high speeds, reliability, customer service and all the rest of it.

Another advantage is the fact that ExpressVPN is technically located in the British Virgin Islands. This area has an emphasis on privacy in terms of logs. So, they don’t keep any logs at all which is allowed in the area. That way, there’s nothing for anyone to even find if they are looking to breach the privacy of VPN users.

You’d be surprised just how important this is in terms of making sure that your private doings stay that way. Many other countries don’t have laws that are nearly as conducive to the spirit of anonymity.

Unblock Now

So, if you want to unblock Netflix sooner rather than later, your best bet by far is going to be getting ExpressVPN. No other service is going to have quite the same amount of resources devoted to fixing the problem in combination with all of the other advantages that they have. If you sign up now, you can get Netflix unblocked in the very next moment.


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