What Are the Best VPN Providers for Small Businesses in 2024?

Did you know more than 40% of cyber-attack victims are small businesses? Identity theft, phishing, and ransomware are examples of attacks on small businesses.

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So whatever the size of your enterprise, you need to secure your internet connections, business computers, and office networks.

Among the measures, businesses use to fortify their IT security include the obvious, such as installing antivirus software and network configuration. While some of these precautions have proven effective, most of them come with a hefty price tag.

Note that large corporations have deep pockets allowing them to invest heavily in a range of IT solutions. Small businesses, on the other hand, with their limited budget, need to seek reliable, yet inexpensive options.

Well, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are cost-effective solutions to protect your business IT operations. A VPN is a top-security tool to protect your privacy and unblock location-based connection restrictions.

The idea of using a VPN becomes even more feasible, considering the growing trend of employees working remotely. As business persons travel to meet clients and suppliers, they might need to access resources on the company’s servers. And your VPN should help you with that.

Then again, as the demand for secured connections grows, so does the number of VPNs in the market. This presents a new challenge for small business owners looking for a suitable VPN to protect their data.

In this review, we’ll guide you on what to consider when choosing a VPN to help you refine your choices. But first, let’s look at 5 best VPNs for small businesses.

Best VPNs for Small Businesses

We ran all our top VPN providers through a series of tests. From the results, these 5 VPNs work best for small businesses:

1. ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN incorporates advanced security features. This easy-to-use solution also features secured ultra-fast connection speeds, making it an ideal option to transfer company files, and stream content.

2. NordVPN: This provider features reputable global coverage. This coupled with its robust security features and high connection speed makes NordVPN an ideal VPN to access your business while abroad.

3. CyberGhost: An affordable option with a generous 45-days money-back guarantee. CyberGhost is user-friendly and intuitive, which is complemented by responsive customer support. Plus, you can customize the settings for further browsing experience.

4. IPVanish: IPVanish owns and operates its servers. And more, the VPN doesn’t cap your data or limit bandwidth, which is suitable for speed. For these reasons, this VPN is a worthy consideration for video-conferencing.

5. PrivateVPN: Are you on a budget? PrivateVPN’s pricing plans are quite appealing. While it doesn’t have the most server count, it features mentionable unblocking power.

Whether you want a VPN for business or personal use, certain features such as unbreakable encryptions, and decent speeds are considered necessary. And thus, they have usually considered the standard features.

Even so, when choosing a VPN for your business, certain features carry more weight than others. For instance, as a business owner, you want a VPN that can support a large number of simultaneous connections.

As such, when testing and ranking the VPNs, we prioritized the two factors; security standards and ability to support multiple users. Other factors that influenced our ranking include:

  • Global server coverage
  • Multi-platform support
  • Responsive customer service
  • Router support
  • Pricing

With respect to the criteria stated above, here’s the detailed review of the shortlisted VPNs for small businesses:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries spread across 160 different locations. Moreover, the service allows you to switch to a server with less traffic, thus preventing lags.

The service provides secure high connection speeds and unlimited bandwidth. Speaking of security, the VPN lock up your online travels using AES 256-bit encryption.

The security is further enhanced using HMAC protocol authentication and perfect forward secrecy technology. It also features a kill-switch to protect your privacy further if your connection speed drops.

With such incredible capabilities and performance, you may think that the VPN is complicated to use. ExpressVPN has a simple laid-out interface as well as limited but handy features so you can easily navigate and tweak the settings to suit your VPN preference.

ExpressVPN allows up to five simultaneous connections on a single account. While this isn’t a big number, the VPN makes it up for this limitation by having excellent router supportability; to protect an unlimited number of devices connected to your business’ network.

Subscription plans start from $12.95 per month on a rolling basis. But you get the best deal with the annual plan which goes for $8.32/month, billed at $99.95/year. Into the bargain, first-time subscribers to the yearly plan, enjoy three months of free protection.

Apps are available for Android and iOS as well as desktop software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Any problem using the service? Talk to a customer representative via live chat or email — any time. Also, you can search for quick solutions from the provider’s online support library on the VPN’s website.


  • High connection speeds
  • Solid privacy and security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Works with several routers for additional connections


  • A bit pricey

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is also a worthy option for small businesses. Thanks to its robust security features, top streaming speeds, decent global coverage, and more.

The VPN features several protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2, encrypted with AES 256-bit keys. Similarly, NordVPN has double encryption abilities and a kill-switch feature for enhanced security.

The provider has over 5,100 servers (spread across 59 countries) to choose from. As a business owner, you can subscribe to a dedicated IP server for use by your employees only. The good thing, you’ll also get a personal account manager to help you navigate unique configurations to support your business’ operations.

No matter the size of your business, NordVPN furnishes you with at least 5 accounts. For each of these accounts, you get a unique IP address for secure and stable access to your company’s servers. And each of the five accounts connects up to 4 devices simultaneously.

What’s more, NordVPN works perfectly with all major router networks and models, meaning you can connect an unlimited number of devices to any account using your preferred router.

Moreover, NordVPN supports all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux.

Pricing starts from $11.95 per month for the month-to-month plan, which gets down to $3.49/month through the 3-year plan. All subscription plans feature a 30-day money-back guarantee, offering you plenty of time to decide if the VPN meets your business needs.


  • Has an extensive network coverage
  • Features easy-to-use account management interface
  • It has robust security features and privacy protection
  • 24/7 support chat


  • Customer service lacks phone support

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost adheres to an internal no logs policy. As such, governments and other third-parties can’t access your data.

The provider further encrypts your information with AES 256-bit key protocol. Furthermore, a kill switch halts your web traffic if the connection drops unexpectedly.

With over 5,900 servers across more than 88 countries, you can be sure of decent connection speeds, with minimal latency.

CyberGhost stands out for its user-friendliness. For instance, its intuitive dashboard allows you to find and configure connections easily.

The VPN is also equipped with advanced features for experienced users. For instance, you can set this VPN to auto-connect on startup or specify when to establish connections.

When you’re ready to connect, you can manually choose a server or let the VPN connect you to the best available server, which is typically the closest server to your physical location.

Apart from Android, CyberGhost supports macOS, Windows, Amazon Fire, and Linux. Not to mention, a single subscription lets you protect up to 7 devices simultaneously

While CyberGhost’s $12.9 month-to-month subscription isn’t the cheapest, its 3-year plan is billed at just $2.99/month.  

A one day free trial on all plans is offered for users to try out the service. After choosing your preferred plan, you can pay via Paypal, credit card, and Bitcoin.

Although their live chat support isn’t the fastest we’ve tested, it works. So it’s no deal-breaker. On top of this, you can contact them via a ticketing system, or search their vast support library for help.


  • Excellent multi-platform support
  • Comprehensive server coverage
  • Fast connection speeds
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • Customer support can do better

4. IPVanish

IPVanish hordes over 1,300 servers in more than 75 locations, which helps the provider deliver above-average performance, with fast connection speeds.

All its server network is in-house managed, offering unlimited bandwidth throughout its global coverage.

Setting up the VPN is pretty straightforward, thanks to its simple interface. Even better, there’s an instructional manual to help you launch and navigate through the features. But if you can’t get it correct, contact the provider via their 24/7 live chat support, email, or search the site’s support library.

To get some of the best speeds and performance, set the VPN to pick the preferred available server automatically.

IPVanish features advanced security features to protect business privacy. These include 256-bit AES encryption, with OpenVPN, and DNS leak protection. The VPN is also compatible with The Onion Router (TOR) browser, for maximum privacy.

What sets IPVanish apart is that it allows up to 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices. Lot better off, the VPN is compatible with many routers, so there’s no limit as to how many gadgets in your business you can protect.

As for the pricing, the VPN costs $10/month for the monthly subscription, $26.99 is billed for three months, and the most affordable $77.99 billed annually.


  • Operates self-owned servers
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Top-rated security and privacy
  • Compatible with most routers


  • No Bitcoin Payment

5. PrivateVPN

Since 2009, PrivateVPN has been offering online privacy solutions to its growing number of users. The VPN provider is adorned with advanced security tools such as kill switch and IPv6 leak protection.

The security standards are taken a notch higher by the proprietary Application Guard. This tool allows you to configure the applications to terminate when the VPN connection drops.

With one account, you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously. Besides, it supports other platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Routers, and Linux.

PrivateVPN is based in Sweden, a jurisdiction of the 14-Eyes Alliance. Fortunately, the provider adheres to a no-logs policy so they won’t keep your browsing history. Besides, when signing up for the service, you only need an email address and password to create an account—which is the only data that PrivateVPN keeps.

The provider has more than 100 servers located in 60 countries. Despite this limited server count, the VPN produced stable connection speeds.

But I didn’t like that the service doesn’t indicate the servers with the fastest speeds. While this isn’t a big issue, it might slow your business operations, especially when the server network is jam-packed.

PrivateVPN scores well in pricing. Its monthly plan costs $7.67, a three-month plan costs $4.88/month, while the annual plan will set you back $3.82/month.


  • Inexpensive extended plans
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to install and use·         Accepts Bitcoin


  • Fewer servers than top competitors

Why Small Businesses Need A VPN

Generally speaking, today’s small businesses are more exposed to cybersecurity threats than large corporations. For starters, most small businesses often have limited cash flow. As such, they rarely invest in reliable security solutions in their IT department.

Worse off, with the advent of cloud storage and other technologies, small businesses continue to be exposed to more online threats. That’s where a VPN comes in. But do small businesses need a VPN? Yes. And here’s why.

1. Remote Access to Company Server

Most modern-day small businesses comprise a growing remote workforce. This presents a new challenge to businesses as they try to grant the remote employees secure access to the company’s network — also, it’s not uncommon for employees working remotely to use public Wi-Fi when accessing your IT network. As a result, your organization’s security is further compromised.

The right VPN encrypts the web traffic to your company’s server, eliminating the possibility of your data falling into the wrong hands. Still better, your employees can securely share files and collaborate on projects.

2. Improve Network Performance

Many ISPs throttle connection speeds, especially when the user traffic increases. While their intention is often to ensure everyone accesses the internet, slow connection speeds mean interruption of your business.

A VPN grants you anonymity; thus, your ISP won’t see your traffic and its destination. Consequently, your online undertakings won’t be affected by bandwidth throttling.

3. You Support BYOD Policy

Bring your own device (BYOD) policy is a growing trend in small businesses. As the name suggests, it means that employees can to use their own devices at the workplace.

While the policy helps a company reduce its infrastructural costs, it increases security concerns. For one, employees may connect to unsecured networks when out of office, exposing your data.

If your business supports the BYOD policy, it, therefore, makes sense to secure a VPN for use by your employees.

4. Added Security

A VPN counts as an added IT security precaution. Besides, it’s an easy way to lock your business communications and network history without hurting your pocket.

Final Verdict

With the growing cyber-security risks, using a VPN becomes more of a necessity than an option.

Small businesses, in particular, can benefit a lot from using a VPN since it’s more affordable compared to most IT security protocols. Good for you, the featured VPNs are worthy options to protect your enterprise.

Even so, ExpressVPN stands out as the most suitable VPN for small businesses. Thanks to its ultra-fast connection speeds, robust security, simultaneous multi-device support, and top-notch customer support.

Not sure to let ExpressVPN protect your business? Try their 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.


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