What Is the Best VPN for Streaming in 2024?

The 21st century offers a lot of entertainment platforms. People have different options when it comes to choosing how they wanted to be entertained. Streaming, which allows a device to play music or video, is becoming more popular because of the development of high-end mobile devices that support this technology. However, some streaming platforms are not available to other countries. This is where VPN comes in – it allows anyone to access these streaming services without any restrictions. VPNs have become a staple for those who wanted to watch their favorite shows or listen to their preferred radio programs, and for most people, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming. ExpressVPN offers a faster streaming service, combined with high-end security and the capability to play HD and 4K videos.

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What is Streaming?

Streaming is a recently developed technology that enables people with mobile devices to watch a video or listen to a music anytime and anywhere they wanted, as long as they are connected to the internet. Many people who are using streaming services are paying the provider a fixed amount to continue their subscription. The streaming industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, and it currently generates billions of dollars from sponsorships and advertisements.

Major studios like Disney have also tapped into the business, producing content that are released exclusively on their platform. Experts believe that streaming will be the future of entertainment, and more changes are bound to happen as companies are trying different methods on how they can attract more people in downloading their streaming platform. Movie writers and producers are also experimenting what type of content will become a hit for the streaming public.

Most streaming services in the present are offered to the public by paying a certain amount that will keep them subscribed for a certain period. After each subscription expires, the renewal of subscription is required to continue enjoying the services. Because of the great content offered by streaming platforms, people are willing to pay money just to continue the service.

How streaming became a global phenomenon?

Streaming became a global phenomenon because of the extensive marketing campaign initiated by companies that have invested in the technology. When streaming was introduced, mobile devices have become more advanced, and some are capable of playing videos and audios while connected to the internet. However, with the introduction of more powerful devices, streaming became more common, and investors started to see an opportunity with the industry. Streaming services became an option for mobile device owners, and many people are paying for the services to watch their favorite television shows or movies.

Netflix is considered as the largest streaming service company in the world, and the company was able to attract 118 million subscribers back in 2018. Netflix knew that streaming services would become a global phenomenon, and the company invested in creating original content that can be watched exclusively through their platform. Aside from Netflix, other companies that offer streaming services are also making it big in the United States – Hulu, for example, was able to attract more than 28 million new subscribers, and this platform is only available in Japan and the United States. Spotify, which is the leading audio streaming services, is able to attract 43 million subscribers. Apple Music, on the other hand, is able to attract more than 21 million subscribers.

The figures in the present is pointing out that streaming services is a big business, and it will most likely grow further as companies are trying to explore new things that will make streaming more enjoyable and affordable. Companies are also trying to offer their streaming services to a lot of countries around the world, and these would open up new potential markets where they can share their content.

What are the restrictions when it comes to streaming?

Streaming can be a great tool for those who wanted to be entertained, but despite the advantages that it has over other platforms, streaming is also facing a number of restrictions. One of the most common issues faced by the people who love to stream their favorite television shows and movies would be its availability in their territory. Most streaming services are restricting their content to some regions, and Netflix can be a good example of this scenario. Netflix creates original content that are being uploaded on their platform, and the people who would most likely see it are those who live in the United States. People who live overseas are restricted in viewing the content, and for them to see it, they resort to VPNs and other similar methods.

Highly restrictive countries, like China, blocks streaming services entirely, but people are still searching for a way on how they can circumnavigate this issue by trying out new solutions. Despite the heavy restrictions practiced by Netflix, many people around the world have outsmarted the company by using VPNs, and watching whatever they wanted on their screen. During the time when streaming was a fairly new technology, people are asking if there is a way to circumnavigate the restrictions posted by streaming, and eventually, people starting working together, finding ways on how they can resolve the issue. Then, computer experts were able to find out the best VPN for streaming.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A virtual private network, often shortened as VPN, is a way to access the blocked content from streaming services. What VPN does is to create a spoof IP address, fooling the streaming services into believing that the content is being accessed on a location that is not restricted. This temporary IP address helps those who wanted to watch the content without the need to be physically in the United States, for example. VPNs are also used to encrypt all of your activities online, and it prevents the ISP, the government, or the hackers from identifying the tracks that you left when surfing the internet. VPNs provide a whole level of security for those who love streaming videos and downloading files online.

What are the criteria for choosing the best VPN?

Just like any other services, there are specific criteria to consider when choosing a VPN. These are the ability to of the VPN to unblock online content, the server coverage, download speed, secured network and protection of one’s privacy, supported in various platforms, and an active customer support team.

  • Ability to unblock streaming content that are inaccessible in certain countries

The best VPNs provide their users the ability to access any content, no matter where they live. Streaming services are unavailable in other parts of the world, and the local population have resorted to VPNs for them to access the content that they wanted to see. When choosing a VPN, make sure that it can unblock any content. Some VPNs are claiming that they are capable of unblocking restricted content, but in the end, fail to deliver their promises. Others are stating upfront that they can unblock the restricted content anywhere in the world, and if it works, the VPN would become an instant hit for those who are patronizing streaming services. People who rely on VPNs when watching their favorite content are searching online for the best VPNs that can unblock anything.

  • International server coverage

Streaming services have become global in recent years, and as a result, VPNs with international server coverage are being used more often. International server coverage means that no matter where you are on the planet, the platform that you are using when streaming television shows, movies, and audio will still have server coverage. When the server coverage is absent, the streaming services become too slow, and people can start becoming irritated if they will not be able to watch the content that they wanted. Many streaming services companies have already invested in the improvement of their international server coverage, as a response to the growing demand from the public.

  • Fast download speeds for HD and 4K HDR video streaming

HD and 4K HDR have become the standard size for videos in the 21st century. However, because it takes up a lot of space, streaming it online can be a challenge for many platforms. 4K HDR is even more difficult to be screened because of its huge resolution. When choosing the best VPN when streaming online, make sure that its download speeds will be able to show HD and 4K HRD videos without lagging too much. Streaming services that lags in the middle of showing a television show or movie are given negative reviews online, and people do not really want to stop in the middle of an exciting scene. There are VPNs that have fast download speeds, and these are more commonly visited by those who wanted to watch a content without any lags.

  • Security and Privacy

The best VPNs care about the client’s security and privacy, and they will never reveal any information about the whereabouts of the person who is accessing streaming services. Despite the advancement in developing high-end security features that are used around the country, the best VPNs ensure that all of the visitors within their website are secured from government surveillance. The private information of their clients are stored within the depths of the network, and it cannot be hacked in an instant. The hackers who wanted to steal information can be deterred from entering the network through the uses of various VPNs.

  • Multi-platform support

Another criteria that should be considered is the availability of multi-platform support. VPNs often run in desktop computers or laptops, but with the increasing number of mobile phone users around the world, this can change drastically. The idea behind a multi-platform support came after the developers of VPN saw the opportunity to expand their products on other devices. From the desktop and laptop computers, it is now possible to access these VPNs in mobile devices. This will change the way how the world looks at VPNs, and it would have a lot of positive advantages. The multi-platform support would also become available in other devices that can connect to the internet. However, the developers of the multi-platform support stated that this VPN service is not for free, and they need to pay for packages to enjoy the movie that they wanted to stream.

  • Active customer support

Lastly, customers wanted to talk to someone when they are having issues with the product that they purchased. This thing is also happening with VPNs, and people are calling in because they wanted to know how they can fix a certain problem. VPNs with active customer support are reliable, and people would want to use these VPNs because they have a special team that can help anyone troubleshoot the problems that they might encounter. There are VPNs that lack a customer support team, and these websites are trying to reach out to their users via other communication means.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs in the world today. It can unblock any restricted content, and it can stream faster compared to its competitors. Users who are watching HD and 4K HDR videos will not be disappointed when using the services from ExpressVPN. Today, this VPN has 3,000 servers that are located in 94 countries, and watching series or movies on countries without access to Netflix is not a problem. This VPN can also stream exclusive contents from Hulu and Amazon Prime. ExpressVPN has a dedicated customer support team that operates 24/7.


  • ExpressVPN has faster connectivity, and it can display HD and 4K HDR without any problems
  • A customer service team is willing to help the users
  • Privacy and security is a priority for ExpressVPN
  • Global server coverage that is above average
  • Amazing content unblocking capabilities


  • The price for the services is higher compared to other streaming options on this list.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN prioritizes the privacy and the security of their users. Those who are using NordVPN to stream videos and audios are impressed with the quality of the output. This VPN has 5,200 servers scattered in 60 countries, and they have the capability to unlock any content and stream it to the devices that are connected.


  • NordVPN has 60 servers that are scattered around the globe, making streaming easier and more accesible
  • All of the networks are protected, guaranteeing safety for the users
  • This VPN is supported on a variety of platforms


  • The application is not user-friendly, and there are complex tools that needs to be explained

3. CyberGhost

What drives people to use CyberGhost is its user-friendly interface. This VPN has more than 4,500 servers scattered in 59 countries, and there are no bandwidth limitations and data caps. The encryption used by CyberGhost would also protect its users from being tracked by the government. The logs are also deleted when using this VPN, and it has a multi-platform support, enabling the people to access it anywhere.


  • CyberGhost has a lot of servers around the globe
  • HD and 4K videos are streamed smoothly
  • Users are given a lot of options when they are using the CyberGhost application, giving them the freedom on how they would want to stream content


  • The application lacks advanced options

4. IPVanish

IPVanish is very useful when streaming content that are in HD. With more than 1,300 servers scattered in 50 countries, the streaming experience using IPVanish can be considered as top-notch. Users are guaranteed of protection whenever they use IPVanish, and they will never be traced. Another advantage of using IPVanish would be the dedicated customer service department that are ready to answer all questions about their product.


  • IPVanish prioritizes the security and privacy of their users
  • Dedicated customer support for their clients
  • Third-party VPN servers are not welcome
  • Easy to use and streams fast


  • The company only offers a seven-day money back guarantee, a shorter time period compared to its competitors
  • Bitcoin payment is not an option for IPVanish

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN has the smallest number of servers on this list – 150. Despite the small number of servers that are being used by PrivateVPN, it is still recognized as the fastest growing VPN in the world today. This VPN is capable of streaming content from different platforms, and it also has a customer service team that is available 24/7.


  • PrivateVPN can provide the users an access to various streaming providers
  • It can stream HD and 4K-videos


  • Small number of servers around the world
  • The customer support team lacks knowledge about the specifics of their product


When it comes to VPNs, the best choice for anyone who wanted to stream content is ExpressVPN. This VPN is known for its tight security, protecting anyone who is using the service. ExpressVPN is also known for its speed, and people who are trying to stream their favorite content would never experience lagging when ExpressVPN is being used. It has project HD and 4K HDR videos without any problem, making it an ideal partner when binge watching streaming content. The company behind ExpressVPN is also ensuring anyone who is dissatisfied of their services with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you wanted to try it out, you can visit ExpressVPN’s website and start using their VPN services immediately.​


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