How to Watch American Netflix in Mexico (2024 Guide)

Few things are as fun as binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix. Especially on a lazy weekend. 

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On such days, your biggest pet peeve is bathroom breaks. And of course, receiving the tostilocos, you ordered minutes ago.

However, for Netflix users in Mexico, the fun is short-lived following the realization that you’ve limited access to the quality and quantity of streaming content. 

Compared to American Netflix, the Mexican Netflix library has significantly fewer titles. This not only means that you’ll miss out on some of the most popular movies, but you’ll also have a few movie options to choose from. 

The Easy Way to Watch American Netflix in Mexico 

Fortunately, with little technology, it’s now easy to unblock American Netflix while in Mexico. 

The exciting bit is that you won’t need to create a new American Netflix account. So the ‘less tech-savvy’ can connect, and enjoy American Netflix. 

All you need is download and install a VPN on your device, run it, and start browsing the vast American Netflix library. 

Unfortunately, there are numerous VPNs in the market today. But only a few get the job done.

ExpressVPN, in particular, is one of the few most reliable VPNs. Thanks to its military-grade encryption, top connection speeds, unlimited bandwidth, affordable pricing, and more.

Why You Can’t Access American Netflix in Mexico

Netflix lets users stream content, depending on their location. Meaning, each of the than 190 countries Netflix is available in features differences in types and the number of shows and films. 

Often, most of the content accessible in a country is sourced from the local film industry. This partly explains why the Mexican Netflix library has an impressive amount of Spanish titles readily available for streaming. 

For a reason, Netflix ensures that viewers access the appropriate content, depending on their region. For this to happen, the streaming service leverages geo-blocking technology to restrict subscribers from accessing titles that aren’t meant for their country. 

Therefore, if you’re in Mexico, the Netflix website will automatically direct you to Mexican Netflix. 

What Is the Difference between American Netflix and Mexican Netflix?

American Netflix has more TV shows and movies compared to most countries. Including Mexico. 

Note that it’s not in Netflix’s interest to restrict your access to the American catalog. If anything, the need to limit content based on boundaries is furthered by territorial licensing. And here’s how it works. 

Excluding its shows, Netflix must sign a contract with the producers of a TV show or movie. Essentially, the agreement helps producers maximize profits on their creations.

As a result, when signing a contract, Netflix has to take into account the audiences likely to watch that particular film. The higher the number of viewers, the higher the profits for both Netflix and the independent producers. 

For instance, say a blockbuster like “Doctor Strange.” When signing the distributor’s license, Netflix saw it best to buy the movie’s distributing rights for the U.S. Mainly because the movie’s viewership is high in the U.S. than in Mexico. 

Moreover, since Netflix was founded in America, it makes sense that the company holds more content rights in the U.S than in Mexico. But, as Netflix grows in Mexico, they’ll likely spend more on acquiring distribution rights for shows that will sell in Mexico. 

The difference between the two is also contributed by Netflix’s compliance with ethics and cultural laws. As such, Netflix may choose not to air certain content in Mexico, lest they violate the law.  

How Netflix Blocks Non-Residents from Viewing American Netflix Catalog 

The geo-blocking technology used by Netflix is a little more complicated than previously explained. For a reason, it works by identifying your device’s IP address to ascertain the country you are streaming from. 

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical label assigned to any device connected to the Internet. 

Each country has a unique range of IP addresses for use by its citizens. As a result, when you stream Netflix from Mexico, the company’s systems detect your IP address to establish if you are accessing the right content meant for your country. 

If you are trying to access American Netflix from Mexico, obviously, your IP address won’t match any of the U.S. range, which in turn prompts the streaming service provider to block your access to American Netflix. 

How a VPN Enables You to Access American Netflix Library 

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of how a VPN gives you access to American Netflix, let’s look at how a VPN works. 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be likened to an intermediary between your internet service provider and your computer or any other devices connected to the Internet. 

It often comes with its private servers where your internet connection is routed through; and not your ISP’s. This gives your connection an IP address similar to the country in which the VPN’s servers are located. Simply, it masks your original IP address and gives you a new one. 

This VPN’s ability to hide your IP address applies when trying to access American Netflix in Mexico.

By selecting a VPN with servers in the United States, your connection is routed through those servers making your IP address appear as if you’re in the U.S. 

Netflix servers will then see your U.S.-based IP address and allow you to browse the American catalog. 

Why Express VPN is the Best Option

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After conducting numerous tests and evaluating verified reviews, we established that ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPN that works in Mexico.

Besides, its user-friendly UI ensures anybody who knows how to operate a device can use it. Nevertheless, it’s equipped with all the essential features for the best streaming experience.

Here is a breakdown of the key criteria we used to determine its worth: 

Connection Speeds 

One of the good things about ExpressVPN is its custom-built servers designed specifically for streaming. These let you stream at high speeds, allowing you to view HD quality content. 

On the same note, rarely will you experience any buffering or downtime when using the ExpressVPN.  

In reality, the VPN has a speed test that allows you to test the download, latency, and index speed of its various servers. As such, you can choose the server with the fastest speeds for a great streaming experience. 


Versatility, in this context, refers to the ability of a VPN to be used across various operating systems. 

ExpressVPN boasts impressive versatility; evident from its compatibility with multiple devices. 

No matter you are streaming via Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, you can rely on this VPN for secure connections on every connected device. 

Are you a family of 5? Each with a different device? A single subscription lets you enjoy all these.


Apart from securing your connections, ExpressVPN also protects your data with the highest level of encryption. Therefore, governments, hackers, and your ISP cannot access your browsing information.

Besides, this VPN provider is located in the British Virgin Islands, whose laws don’t require VPN providers to store logs. As a result, ExpressVPN doesn’t keep records of your browsing history. Thanks to their adherence to a verified no-logs policy.

Customer Service 

Similar to any other service provider, the company behind ExpressVPN doesn’t take customer satisfaction lightly. They offer round the clock customer support as well as a support library where users can search for quick solutions. 


As a Netflix user, having a wide range of TV shows and movies to choose from means more value for your subscription. 

Given the few titles available in Mexico, it makes sense using ExpressVPN for secure connection to access the extensive American Netflix. Not ready? Try their 30-day money-back guarantee.


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