What Is the Best VPN in 2024?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN service in 2020, we ran a number of tests and in almost everyone of them ExpressVPN came out on top, which is why it’s our number #1 recommended today.

ExpressVPN is the world’s largest premium VPN service provider and founded in 2009 and based offshore in the British Virgin Islands.

Our Top Recommended VPN

What is a VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network is a service that allows you to change your IP address and encrypt data, enabling you to send and receive information securely while remaining anonymous online.

The service basically tricks your device, whether it’s a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smart phone into thinking it’s in another location. For example, using a VPN you may appear to live in Los Angeles when in actual fact you are in Miami. The Virtual Private Network provider will replace your device’s initial IP address with a different one from any gateway city around the world depending on how many servers they have to route your connection.

This connection method adds security and privacy to private and public networks in ways that are not possible when you connect to the internet using other ways such as the ubiquitous WiFi hotspots that are available in coffee shops, airport lounges and virtually every other public space.

The use of fake Wi-Fi hotspots that mimic authentic networks is now widely common. Users are fooled into connecting to such a network which is in complete control of a hacker and end up exposing their data.

Some malicious free wireless providers can also intercept information and sell it to data miners for profit.

A VPN provides that extra security when you are connecting to an unsecured Wifi by preventing others from snooping on your network to intercept information and hacking into your system. Hackers will be unable to access your sensitive e-mails, financial information or passwords.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

Every time you connect to the internet, data is transferred to and from your device to servers across the web. If you are truly concerned about the security of the data being transferred, the best way to protect it from prying eyes is to use a VPN.

While an up-to-date antivirus and firewall will protect data on your device, a VPN protects your data while on transit by using advanced encryption protocols to ensure that malicious intentions to intercept the data are thwarted.

The concerns for data security could range in scope and some of the reasons you may need a VPN service include;

Encrypting data transfers

Using a Virtual Private Network helps you to protect the data you transfer over public networks such as WiFi hotspots by encrypting it.

This is helpful in situations such as;

  • Receiving and sending sensitive e-mail
  • Managing bank accounts
  • Managing credit cards or insurance
  • Avoiding government censorship

Anyone snooping around will not be able to see the raw data you are sending or receiving. All they see is encrypted information. Remember that your traffic goes through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) before it hits the internet.

Using a VPN encrypts your data all the way through your ISP to the VPN server. The VPN server acts as the third party responsible for connecting to the internet on your behalf, making you anonymous.

Hiding your location

A VPN enables users to decide the origin of their internet connection by choosing from a list of different countries.

Hiding your IP address

When you connect to a Virtual Private Network it conceals your real IP address by assigning your device a different IP address. This makes it difficult for anyone with malicious intent to identify your device as the source of the data with precision. Actually, the site you are visiting sees the VPN server as the origin of the traffic and not you.

Accessing blocked content

A VPN helps users circumvent government censorship by preventing authorities from seeing what data you’re transferring and which websites you’re visiting. This allows users to access websites blocked by governments and stream content such as TV shows on Netflix that have been blocked due to geographical location.

Selecting the Best VPN

A VPN in a nutshell is supposed to address the above concerns and ensure that your data is secure on transit and your privacy is given priority at all times. It is an all-rounded solution that ensures your overall security and anonymity on the internet.

Choosing the wrong VPN is worse than having no VPN at all. Obviously, not every VPN will give you the same level of protection and as the market expands, more providers are coming up with custom solutions to address the demands of mobile computing and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT).

You need to consider several factors when choosing a VPN:

Free VPN versus Paid VPN

To run a dependable VPN service requires robust infrastructure with servers spread out across the world, fast speeds and great customer support. This calls for heavy financial investments. Some of the best VPN services available will definitely cost money. With the various solutions available, you cannot miss a low-cost provider that will offer great services at affordable prices.

If you opt for a free service, it’s important to look at whether the provider is serving your interests. For example your data (logging of user access and IP addresses) may be sold to third parties, beating the very intention you had of safeguarding your privacy.

Free services have a way of recouping their costs using methods such as displaying ads which sometimes may contain malicious links.

VPN Protocols used

VPN protocols are the encryption standards used to secure data transmission over a VPN. Most service providers will allow you to select the protocol you want to use. The commonly used protocols include OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, PPTP and IKEV2.

Among these, the most secure VPN protocols are OpenVPN, SSTP and IKEV2. OpenVPN is used widely by leading VPNs because of its compatibility across different types of devices.

Additionally, look out for providers who use AES-128-bit encryption (encrypting data using the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm) as a minimum. The best VPN services go even higher to employ AES-256-bit encryption.

Provider’s Operational Jurisdiction

The best VPN providers will always protect your privacy and data at all times. However, these companies are subject to the laws of the country in which they are domiciled. The laws may allow a court order to be used to force the company to share records of your activity. This can also happen if the country has international agreements with other countries.

Legal status of using a VPN

While it may be easy to use a VPN in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and other developed nations, many countries with repressive regimes such as China, Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and many others do not allow the use of VPNs. This allows them to control what content is consumed by their citizens.


It is important to look at the provider’s privacy policy to find out what logs the VPN keeps on record. Logs such as IP addresses, payment information, connection timestamps and IP addresses can compromise your anonymity and privacy which are paramount when using a VPN.

The best scenario is where the provider keeps no logs or very few if any. This minimizes the probability of someone linking a particular browsing session to your IP address. Read the fine print to find out whether the provider is under obligation by law to keep data.


Selecting a disreputable VPN provider may pose a greater risk to your privacy and data security than having none. With hundreds of VPN services available, it is critical to choose a provider with a good reputation. Conduct research on the service and look at the various reviews such as the ones below.

Settle for a provider who has been reviewed and has a history of great service.

Encryption scale

Choose a VPN provider that encrypts all the way. Some providers offer only last-mile encryption, which may cover the region between you and their server leaving you exposed along the way. Your security protocol should never be left to chance.

Ease of use

The VPN provider should offer a simple client interface that is user-friendly. An intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use the service.

Flexible payment

Look out for a flexible payment structure, multiple payment gateways, a free trial and a refund guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Multiplatform compatibility

Choose a VPN that can be used across platforms (desktop and mobile) running different operating systems.


Good speeds are important to access content quickly for downloading heavy files, gaming and for streaming services. Top notch providers will not cap bandwidth or traffic and will provide simultaneous connections that allow you to use the service on both desktop and mobile.

Geographical reach

Select a provider with servers in countries you are interested in. they may have fewer servers but in strategic locations with advanced infrastructure that optimizes performance of the VPN.

The factors above, when well considered, will enable you to screen the hundreds of VPN providers on the marketplace and narrow down the field to those that meet the performance threshold.

Let’s look at the ones that make the cut for 2019.

#1 – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an all-rounded VPN with excellent performance in a field that is increasingly becoming crowded. This VPN comes highly recommended with features that are the envy of industry players.

ExpressVPN boasts more than 3,000 servers and more than a hundred server locations. The huge number of servers ensures that you’ll be able to find one that’s not too crowded, giving you good speeds. Multiple server locations are important to give you more options when you are traveling. You will always have access to a nearby server, which in turn ensures reliable connectivity and excellent speeds.

Key features include:

Privacy – This provider is based in the British Virgin Islands. This territory is known for friendly policies without data retention laws that ensure a commitment to privacy. No activity or connection logs are kept.

Streaming – No restrictions for torrenting and P2P connections. Allows streaming for Netflix with high-capacity bandwidth.

Security – Utilizes AES 256-bit encryption with DNS/IPv6 leak protection. It also features a kill switch which automatically stops all traffic from entering or leaving your device if you are disconnected from a VPN server location. This prevents your network traffic from being routed back through your internet service provider, which may lead to exposure.

It also utilizes split tunneling that lets you choose which traffic is routed through the encrypted VPN tunnel and which one has direct access to the internet.

Payment – Allows the use of Bitcoins, PayPal and Credit cards.

Connections – 3 simultaneous connections and unlimited bandwidth optimized for fast connections.

Network – More than 3,000 global VPN servers and 160 VPN locations in 94 countries.

Apps – Setup on several devices with apps for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and routers. It also supports Apple TV, Fire TV, Smart TV, PlayStation and Android TV box.


  • 30 day money-back guarantee allows you to test drive this VPN’s features
  • Excellent speeds
  • Performs well with Netflix and major streaming services
  • Multiple secure apps


  • A bit expensive with monthly plans starting at $6.67 per month for one year with a special offer.
  • Only 3 simultaneous connections


NORDVPN is a robust virtual private network that employs cutting-edge technology to protect your online activity from hackers and malware. The company’s excellent assortment of features provides great performance on a sleek user interface.

Key features include:

Privacy – No logs policy. DNS leak protection that ensures DNS requests used in resolving domain names go through the VPN tunnel to your VPN provider’s DNS servers and not through your ISP. Further, an automatic Kill Switch helps to safeguard you by automatically stopping selected programs or the whole device from connecting to the web once a VPN connection drops.

Streaming – Works well with Netflix and other streaming services.

Security – NordVPN utilizes AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256 bit-keys to protect data. Two security protocols are used – IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN. IKEv2/IPsec employs high-level cryptographic algorithms and keys for encrypting traffic to military-grade standards, stability with high levels of performance and speed.

OpenVPN is a versatile protocol that supports a high number of strong encryption algorithms for faster online gaming and live streaming experience.

The CyberSec feature is an advanced technology solution that automatically blocks suspicious websites to prevent malware and other threats from infecting your device. It also protects you from annoying advertisements.

The Double VPN feature passes your traffic through two servers for an extra layer of encryption in a process known as VPN server chaining.

Payment – accepts Crypto Currencies, credit cards, Alipay and Neosurf. Plans start from as low as $2.99 per month for a 3 year plan.

Connections – allows users to connect 6 devices at the same time

Network – gives access to 5,249 servers worldwide spread out in 60 countries in Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India.

Apps – NordVPN has made available applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Android TV. Using browsers is made simple through encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


  • 30 day money-back guarantee allows you to get back your money if you are not satisfied
  • Intuitive user interface that is easy to manage
  • No activity logging
  • Double encryption


  • Speeds can be a bit slow even with the thousands of servers.


Providing a VPN that is packed with great features is a hallmark of CyberGhost. The company, which operates out of Germany and Romania was founded in 2011 in Bucharest. It boasts a mix of security and power, accessible across multiple devices.

The service is good at blocking malicious websites, ads and even trackers. It allows torrenting while supporting seven devices simultaneously. If you are interested in streaming, gaming or torrenting, the service is configured to automatically connect to the best server available on the network.

AES 256-bit encryption is the standard used by CyberGhost to secure data. OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols are used across its servers. The presence of a kill switch ensures no accidental exposure of your data when servers disconnect.

The company has more than 3,700 servers in 60 countries.

Key features include:

Privacy – This provider is based in Germany and Romania. Germany falls within the Fourteen Eyes Countries which freely share intelligence information between them. However, the company has a strictly no logs policy.

Streaming – No restrictions for P2P torrenting. Allows streaming for Netflix with unlimited bandwidth and traffic. Users can gain access to blocked websites.

Security – Utilizes AES 256-bit encryption with DNS and IP leak protection. The company has deployed OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols on its servers with an automatic kill switch which automatically stops all traffic from entering or leaving your device if you are disconnected from a VPN server location.

Payment – Accepts payments using Bitcoins, PayPal and Credit cards. Prices start at $2.75 per month for a 36 month plan.

Connections – Connect up to devices at the same time.

Network – Connect using 3,700 VPN servers in more than 60 countries.

Apps – Supports apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and routers.


  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to install and use
  • More than 3,700 serves available


  • Not as fast as claimed.


PureVPN is an awesome service with an array of add-ons that make it one of the top providers. Based in Hong Kong, away from the 5 and 14 Eyes, the company is not required by law to store any data, giving you the privacy you deserve.

The network is well spread out with more than 2,000 servers spread in 180 locations across 140 countries. The servers are Ozone-Ready which gives you an added cover of malware protection.

The company has deployed military grade security with multiple protocols.

Key features include:

Privacy – They’re based in Hong Kong, which has no data retention laws.

Streaming – No restrictions for torrenting and P2P. Optimized P2P servers located in regions where P2P downloading is legal with unlimited bandwidth. Optimized servers for P2P and video streaming make it easy for users to switch servers quickly.

Security – Servers support multiple security protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and IKEv2. AES 256-bit encryption is used across the network to protect data. PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch is configured as a fail-safe button to ensure your privacy remains intact in case there is a server disconnection.

DNS, IPV6 and Web RTC Leak Protection are included in the package.

Payment – Allows the use of Bitcoins, PayPal, Alipay, PaymentWall, BlueSnap and major credit cards. Prices start at $3.33 per month for a one year plan.

Connections – Users are allowed to have up to 5 simultaneous connections.

Network – 2,000 VPN servers in 180 VPN locations spread across 140 countries.

Apps – The network supports apps for desktop computers, mobile devices, routers, TV and gaming consoles. These include Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and routers. It also supports Amazon FireStick, Kodi, Roku, Play Station, Android TV, Xbox and Boxee box.


  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • Optimized servers for P2P and video streaming
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Allows 5 simultaneous connections


  • Slow download speeds


Private Internet Access delivers a decent service at an affordable price. With 3307 VPN and Proxy servers in 52 locations across 32 countries, the provider uses bare-metal servers for its VPN network to enhance security and performance.

The company is based in the U.S. which may impact users concerned about privacy issues.

However, the network still provides streaming services to its customers with unlimited bandwidth and does not keep logs. Unfortunately the service is unable to unblock Netflix US.

PIA has proved to be among top performers at an affordable price. It has reliable connectivity with solid 256-bit AES encryption and malware blocking.

The company allows torrenting on all its servers and its privacy policy clearly indicates that there is no session and activity logging.

Numerous apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux plus browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera complete a package that includes in-built ad and tracker blocking.

Key features include:

Privacy – The company has a no traffic logs policy. However, its location in the United States raises issues around laws that allow authorities to request information.

Streaming – It offers P2P Support and unlimited Bandwidth.

– Private Internet Access deploys solid 256-bit AES encryption and supports PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols. It provides the ability to block ads, trackers and malware.

Payment – Accepts Crypto Currencies, Paypal, Amazon Payments, credit cards and major gift cards such as Starbucks, Walmart, Best Buy and many more. It offers a 7-day money back guarantee with plans starting from as low as $3.49 per month for a 2- year plan.

Connections – Allows users to connect 10 devices simultaneously.

Network – Gives access to 3307+ servers in 52 locations across 32 countries.

Apps – Private Internet Access provides applications for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, iOS, Android Arch Linux, Debian 9+, Mint 18+ and DD-WRT PPTP. Chrome, Firefox and Opera extensions are also available.


  • 3307 servers with good speeds
  • Intuitive user interface that is easy to manage
  • Accepts numerous payments including gift cards
  • connects10 devices simultaneously


  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • US based and doesn’t unblock Netflix


IPVanish is a U.S. based VPN provider with a good network of 1,200 VPN servers spread out in more than in 60 countries. This gives you access to more than 40,000 shared IPs.

With powerful features, this company offers unlimited P2P traffic, unlimited server switching, anonymous torrenting and access to censored apps & websites. This is great for users who want to stream content and unblock services such as BBC iPlayer and US Netflix.

The platform offers compatibility with various applications including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Linux, Chromebook and various routers.

While IPVanish touts itself as the “World’s Best VPN,” it does not offer a kill switch and its pricing model is on the higher end. However, it utilizes 256-bit AES encryption and SOCKS5 web proxy.

The SOCKS5 is used primarily to mask IP addresses in VoIP and P2P connections. Standard protocols are deployed on the VPN servers including IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec.

Key features include:

Privacy – The company has a strict policy against collection of both activity and connection logs. They do not store metadata about your sessions.

Streaming – Allows anonymous torrenting with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switching.

Security – IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption and SOCKS5 web proxy to mask IP addresses while making P2P and VoIP connections. The service supports multiple VPN protocols such as IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec.

Payment – The company accepts credit cards and Paypal. Plans start at $6.49 per month for a 1 year plan.

Connections – IPVanish allows users 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices.

Network – gives access to 1,200 VPN servers spread out in more than in 60 countries with 40,000 shared IPs.

Apps – IPVanish provides applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Chromebook Android, various routers and Fire TV.


  • P2P torrenting
  • 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices
  • No activity logging
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • S. base is a concern for privacy.
  • Short 7-day refund policy


TunnelBear provides the basics of a VPN service without any complications. The service is the epitome of simplicity, providing easy installation for various devices. With apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, getting connected is a breeze with extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera available as well.

This company operates from Canada and has established an elaborate network of servers in more than 20 countries. Although the service allows torrent downloads, the small number of countries with servers is a limitation for heavy traffic users.

On certain occasions it is possible to unblock US Netflix but the lack of flexibility to change protocols means that users may find it difficult to find the fastest route for streaming or gaming.

TunnelBear has a simple user interface and offers a free service with a limit of 500MB of traffic every month. To benefit from unlimited data, users pay $4.99 per month for a 1-year plan. This will also allow you to connect 5 devices simultaneously.

Key features include:

Privacy – TunnelBear does not log any activity of customers connected to the service.

Streaming – Functions fairly well with US Netflix and other streaming services.

Security – TunnelBear uses strong AES 256-bit encryption by default. The company offers GhostBear, a tool that makes your encrypted VPN data less detectable to governments, businesses and ISPs. This helps users to defeat VPN blocking. If the connection gets disrupted for any reason, TunnelBear will block all unsecured traffic until it’s safely reconnected.

Payment – Accepts crypto currencies and credit cards. Plans start from $4.99 per month for a 1-year plan.

Connections – Allows users to connect 5 devices at the same time

Network – The company has servers worldwide spread out in more than 20 countries.

Apps – TunnelBear provides applications for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Users can download extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Offers a free service


  • connections can be a bit slower
  • Based in Canada which is under the Five Eyes countries


VyprVPN is a great service based in Switzerland with emphasis on high performance. The company has developed its own proprietary protocol known as Chameleon and basically operates without third parties by owning the hardware and running the network.

The advantage of running their own affairs is that VyprVPN has a network that is not only reliable but delivers top performance, amazing speeds and great support. P2P support and unlimited bandwidth ensure sleek handling of Netflix and torrenting.

In conjunction with unmodified OpenVPN protocol, this VPN uses it own Chameleon protocol to defeat VPN-blocking, allowing you to circumvent censorship in countries such as China.

The company does not boast a huge network but covers for this with excellent speeds and a collection of high-end features such as One-click connect and server selection, unlimited server switching and compatibility with multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android routers, Android TV, QNAP, Blackphone and Anonabox.

Good deals always come at a price but VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key features include:

Privacy – No logs policy. The service is based in Switzerland, which means pro-privacy laws apply.

Streaming – Handles Netflix streaming with ease. Zero restrictions on downloads and unlimited server switching.

Security – VyprVPN uses proprietary Chameleon™ VPN technology to defeat VPN-blocking. This technology is based on unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol for the underlying data encryption. It basically scrambles OpenVPN packet metadata to ensure it’s not recognizable via deep packet inspection.

Payment – VyprVPN accepts credit cards, Paypal and Alipay. Annual plans start from $3.75 per month for 5 devices. Users can opt for monthly payments which start at $12.95.

Connections – Allows users to connect 5 devices at the same time.

Network – Gives access to 700+ servers worldwide in more than 70 global server locations and 200,000+ IP addresses.

Apps – VyprVPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Android TV, Anonabox, QNAP, Blackphone and routers.


  • P2P torrenting with unlimited bandwidth
  • Based in Switzerland guaranteeing privacy
  • Compatible with numerous apps


  • Monthly plan is expensive compared to other services


HMA boasts of strong encryption protocols and great performance in service delivery. With a network of more than 940 servers in 280 locations across 190 countries, the company has the advantage of having servers in almost every country.

Its location in the UK leaves a lot to be desired when you look at their data retention policy. This leaves users exposed to government requests for information from the VPN provider.

The high performance of their services doesn’t come cheap with a one year plan costing $6.99 per month. However, there is a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The service offers five simultaneous connections and compatibility with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux.

Key features include:

Privacy – HMA is based in the UK inside the Five Eyes Security Alliance. The company logs your activity and may hand over this information to authorities when requested. The following logs are kept:

  • Your license ID
  • A time stamp when you connect and disconnect to the VPN service
  • The amount of data you transmit (upload and download) during your session
  • The subnet of the IP address used to connect to the VPN
  • The IP address of the individual VPN server used.

Streaming – HMA offers optimized servers specifically dedicated for streaming and P2P sharing so that you can watch or share content with unlimited uploads and downloads.

Security – HMA uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure data.

Payment – Accepts major credit cards and Paypal. Plans aren’t cheap with a limited offer of $2.99 per month for a 3 year plan and a regular plan of $4.99 per month for 2 years.

Connections – Allows users to connect 5 devices simultaneously.

Network – Gives access to more than 940 servers in 280 locations across 190 countries.

Apps – HMA is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.


  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 30-day free trial
  • Good server speeds that are consistent
  • Easy to use interface


  • HMA keeps your activity logs
  • Not torrent friendly


VPN Unlimited is run by KeepSolid Inc, a company based in New York. This makes their operations subject to unfavorable surveillance laws in the US. The service supports OpenVPN 256-bit encryption on Windows and Linux while IPSec/IKEv2 is used on their native Mac and iOS clients.

The provider has a network of more than 400 high-speed servers in 70 locations across the world. This does not give the company a desirable footprint for high data users. Their restriction of P2P torrenting to a few servers doesn’t help matters.

Retaining connection logs and the US jurisdiction make this VPN a last resort for torrenting fans. The speeds are quite slow and the lack of a kill switch leaves users exposed in case of a server disconnection.

Key features include:

Privacy – The policy here does not explicitly say zero logging. The company tracks session duration and is based in New York which means it is under the Five Eyes Alliance.

Streaming – Performs pretty well with Netflix and other streaming services

Security – VPN Unlimited utilizes AES 256 bit-keys to protect data. The company uses OpenVPN protocol on Android and Windows platforms and IKEv2 protocol on macOS and iOS.

Payment – Accepts bitcoins, credit cards, Paypal and Amazon Pay. Plans start from $2.78 per month for a 3-year plan and a limited Lifetime offer of $199.99 for 5 devices. The price goes up for 10 devices to $4.17 per month for a 3-year plan and $299.99 for the Lifetime offer. The company provides a 7-day trial and a 7-day money back guarantee.

Connections – Allows users to connect 5 devices at the same time

Network – Gives access to more than 400 high-speed servers in 70 locations

Apps – VPN Unlimited supports apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Apple TV, Windows Phone and Android. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox are available.


  • Easy to use
  • Responsive support


  • Connection logs
  • No kill switch


Selecting a VPN requires a proper balance of high-end features to deliver superior user experience. With ExpressVPN, we see the epitome of what a well-rounded VPN should deliver a combination of security, convenience and speed.

With headquarters in the British Virgin Islands and a no-log policy, your data can’t be any safer.

A network of more than 3,000 servers, dedicated IP addresses, AES 256-bit encryption with DNS/IPv6 leak protection, multi device support and perfect internet speeds make ExpressVPN a paradise for BitTorrent users and streaming enthusiasts.

ExpressVPN is the top choice for serious VPN users anywhere in the world.


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