Does Windscribe Work With Netflix in 2024?

You may already know about how easy it used to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to access more content on Netflix. With the use of high-quality VPNs, you could access shows and language features only offered in other countries, and all for the same monthly subscription price. However, with recent patches, Netflix is disrupting VPN service, most notably the popular Windscribe tool. This article will help explain how Netflix is blocking your access and what you can do to gain access to the best shows available worldwide.

Why Netflix Blocks a VPN provider

While Netflix itself is a single company, its services vary depending on what country you are accessing its service from. This is because Netflix caters its streaming programs for each country’s national audience, and seeks to keep control over what each nation’s audience sees and doesn’t see. Because of this, it will do whatever it can to block viewing content from other countries using a VPN, and it does this for several reasons.

Cultural Preferences

Just like in the film industry, different countries will different versions of popular movies and television series. One popular example is Rambo: Last Blood, which was recently criticized for having ten minutes of its introduction cut in its American release. Different nations historically different viewing preferences, which means that different national versions of Netflix may have different versions of your favorite shows and flicks. Netflix decides what residents of each country will like, leaving the viewer out of the decision-making process.


It’s common knowledge that different countries may speak and read in different languages. Netflix will showcase different spoken and subtitled language content for individual regions, with different countries having different viewing options available. For example, watching Netflix in Spanish region mode will guarantee more options to view media in that country in Spanish, which is very useful for a Spanish language speaker. However, Netflix assumes less Spanish speakers reside in other regions and so provides fewer options in those countries.

Internal Politics

For Netflix to show a movie or television show on its service, it must go through unique legal channels for each country. Because of the effort, it takes to acquire content for each country, Netflix will only arrange for a television series or film to be available for viewing in certain regions. Because Netflix licenses are so specific, it can face legal ramifications if it allows every program to show in every household it services, and will do anything it can to stop workarounds using Virtual Private Servers like Windscribe.

Best Blocked Netflix Work Around: ExpressVPN

As early as 2016, Netflix has been vocal about doing whatever it can to block limit or block VPNs. But despite Netflix taking active measures to thwart VPNs and keep their content restricted from its customers, it is still possible to view the shows you want using Virtual Private Network technology. While Netflix’s security has been effective at disrupting VPN services, you still have options as a customer. For unparalleled dependability and resourcefulness, we recommend using ExpressVPN for are your Netflix watching needs.

Unlike other VPN products that struggle against Netflix’s security measures, ExpressVPN has a myriad of features that allow it to beat Netflix’s protocols and provide you with the content you want . Express VPN is optimized for stable connections and unparalleled flexibility. ExpressVPN has servers in 160 unique Netflix service areas, allowing viewers a tremendous amount of choice regarding the content they wish to watch.

Express VPN also has superior security and stability features as well. It has adopted the OpenVPN protocol , a secure modern solution that allows for excellent security and stability due to its open-source license allowing for frequent updates to address security flaws. Express VPN also gives you a choice between TCP and UDP variants, allowing you to choose a service that best fits the internet delivery service settings available in your area.

Last but not least, ExpressVPN has a comprehensive privacy agreement outlining the company’s guaranteed not to sell user data to outside companies. ExpressVPN is also headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, where no laws stipulate that the company ever needs to release or record your private information.

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Features of ExpressVPN

Express VPN is a fully-featured Virtual Private Network available on computers, phones, routers, smart TVs and more. Not only does it allow unrestricted Netflix usage, but it also provides a variety of services related to artificially changing your ISP address. In other words, with ExpressVPN you can convince an outside computer or network that you are accessing online from a variety of foreign countries and special regions. This allows you to surf the internet and use services unhindered by restrictions decided by the user’s country of origin. With Express VPN you can connect from anywhere, from any device, at any time.

ExpressVPN ensures customer privacy with advanced security tools. Its Virtual Private Network allows anonymous browsing, IP address masking, and Bitcoin payment options. It also offers AES-256 data encryption, a powerful method that not only secures your identity from the internet but also prevents data from traveling from your computer to the VPN server itself from being read or accessed. Additionally, no ExpressVPN data is stored permanently on any computer or device, eliminating potential threats while optimizing system performance. Zero-knowledge DNS and Network Lock kill switch technology are also used to ensure efficient bandwidth usage and for additional security during internet service outages.

Express VPN also includes a convenient “split tunneling” feature. This enables you to select what information is protected through ExpressVPN and what resources are not. Many services you use may be limited or disadvantaged when using VPN technology. Trusted resources such as banks use your information to help improve your user experience, while sites such as pizza-delivery services will use your location data to send food and other items. With split tunneling, you can direct ExpressVPN to automatically switch off these specific situations, allowing trusted sites and programs to use your information to tailor their tasks to your individual needs. This provides the user with the ultimate in security without the hassle that can sometimes come with it.

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Because of Netflix’s policy of restricting content by region, you may be walled from watching many of your favorite television shows and movies. By using a VPN, you can enjoy unrestricted access to the entertainment you want. And with ExpressVPN, you can achieve this with the unprecedented security and feature-list that only ExpressVPN can offer.


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