How to Watch American Netflix in Thailand (2023 Guide)

As of October 2019, Netflix had more than 148 million paying subscribers worldwide. This makes it by far the most popular Video on Demand streaming service. Which is not surprising considering the quality of their content.

But there is another great reason why I love Netflix. They introduced the concept of full-season releases. Why wait to watch a single episode every week when you can watch an entire season in a single night?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not have a standardized library. They impose geographical restrictions which means that content varies depending on the country you are in.

Can you guess which region has the best selection of movies and shows? America. Again not surprising. It’s where Netflix started and it’s home to more than 60 million of its subscribers.

If you are in Thailand you will still have access to a decent amount of content but if you want real entertainment then Netflix US is where you want to be. In normal circumstances, this would require that you be physically in the US.

However, in this post, I will show you a simple trick that will enable you to access the American library while in Thailand.

The Easy Way to Watch Netflix US in Thailand

To bypass the Netflix geographical restrictions, you just need to change your IP address so that it seems you are connecting from the US instead of Thailand. And this you can easily achieve using a VPN software.

Unfortunately, not all VPNs work. So how do you choose the right VPN from the possible 60+ solutions? Just leave that to us.

We have been testing VPN solutions for a long time and from experience, none has been more successful unblocking Netflix than Express VPN. Moreover, I find it easy to use and it comes with multiple servers in the US that you can choose from.

But more on this later. Let’s first look at how Netflix in Thailand compares to Netflix US.

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Netflix Thailand vs Netflix US

Unless you are comparing both the US and Thailand libraries side by side, it’s hard to figure out exactly what has been blocked in the Thai library. So, what I am going to do is give you a rough idea.

According to Unogs, an unofficial platform where you can search for Netflix titles, Thailand currently has a total of 4,993 titles. Not bad at all. But Netflix US has 5,806 titles. That is 813 more titles than Thailand.

Also, you have to realize there is a lot of content on Netflix Thailand is exclusively local meaning it’s not available on Netflix US. This consequently leads us to conclude that the number of titles that are available on Netflix US but are blocked in Thailand is more than 813.

Why Does Netflix Block Content in Thailand

They are obligated to do so by the contract they sign with the content owners. Yes, Netflix does not own the majority of the movies and shows in their catalogs. They only buy the right to stream them.

Sometimes due to the differing content licensing laws in different countries, US-based movie owners may choose to block their content from being viewed outside America.

Also, Netflix can block content in a region if another streaming service has exclusive rights to stream the title in that region.

For instance, Netflix may have the rights to stream a movie in the US but then Prime Video outbids them and gets the exclusive rights to stream the same movie in Thailand. In this case the movie will be available on Netflix US but blocked on the Thailand library.

Netflix can also block a title if there is no demand for it in Thailand. What’s the point of spending money to buy the rights to stream a show in a country where it has no audience?

Then lastly, a movie or show may be unavailable in Thailand because it is against the laws and regulations of the country. In a similar incidence, Netflix had to block an episode of the comedy show, Patriot Act, from streaming in Saudi Arabia because it was deemed to be against the country’s cybercrime laws. 

Is Unblocking Netflix Using a VPN Illegal

If it’s being arrested you are worried about, it won’t happen. Also, Netflix won’t block your account. But, they have to do something to reassure their partners that they are upholding their agreement.

So, they have come up with an algorithm to detect VPN connections and block them from accessing their site. The only way to undo this is by disconnecting from the VPN which consequently revokes your access to the American Library.

Fortunately, this is not a problem you have to worry about if you are using the right VPN software.

How Does a VPN Software Unblock Netflix

You already know that it achieves this by spoofing your IP location to America but here is how it happens exactly.

When you launch the VPN software, the first thing you need to do is select a server location and then connect. In our case, it’s the US server.

Once that is done, the server now acts as a middleman between you and the internet.

Instead of your connection request going directly to Netflix, it first goes into the selected server where your original IP address is discarded and a new American one allocated to you.

So, when the connection request finally gets to Netflix, they will be tricked into believing you are really in the US. And just like that, you are in the American library.

Why is Express VPN the Best for Accessing American Netflix in Thailand

There are specific features that we consider when trying to determine whether a VPN is ideal for Netflix and Express VPN outdid all the other VPN solutions in every regard.

Consistency is one of the most important factors. Everyday Netflix is becoming smarter in detecting VPN connections and a lot of VPN vendors have been unable to keep up.

But not Express VPN. On the few occasions that they have been discovered, they always have a backup server that will successfully unblock Netflix or they will just update their IP addresses to new ones that have not been blacklisted by Netflix.

There are some other factors that we considered before recommending Netflix.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Express VPN has a dedicated application for almost every device. Whether it’s an iOS or Android mobile phone, a Windows, Mac, or Linux, computer or even a smart TV. It is also available for Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Playstation, Xbox and other similar devices.

But what I love most is that it can be configured on your router and then every device you connect to the router will now be VPN-protected.

Excellent Streaming Speeds

Are you worried that connecting to a VPN will slow your speeds and affect your streaming quality? It’s always a possibility when using a VPN connection.

However, we tested Express VPN and I was impressed. Not only was I able to watch the movie in full HD but also there was no buffering.

This VPN even includes a Speed Test feature that you can use to determine the best performing server.

Multiple Server Locations

Express VPN has 28 server locations in the US. Why is this useful? Because it means they have more IP addresses to allocate and this significantly reduces the chances of being discovered by Netflix.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

This VPN allows you to try their services risk-free for 30 days. Use this time to test how well their servers unlock Netflix and how much it affects your connection speed. If you decide it’s not what you were looking for then you can request a full refund.

Excellent Customer Support

Apart from Express VPN’s consistency in unblocking Netflix, this is my next favorite feature. Because it means that any problem you may experience can quickly be resolved through their support team.

The VPN has a live chat option that is available 24/7. And, their agents respond in less than a minute.

Unblocks Other Streaming Services in Multiple Locations

In case you have subscribed to other streaming services like Prime Video or Hulu, you should also know that a lot of the content in their US library has been blocked from being accessed in Thailand.

Express VPN can help you bypass this block.

It also comes with multiple servers in other countries such as Canada, the UK, France, and Australia allowing you to access the restricted content in these regions.

Encrypts Your Internet Traffic

Express VPN uses OpenVPN connection protocol combined with AES 256 bit encryption. This helps protect your personal information from being stolen by hackers and allows you to browse anonymously.

Nobody including your ISP can see what you are doing online.


So, Thailand may not have the best collection of titles but at least there is something you can do about it. And you don’t even need any special skills.

Just download a VPN software, install it on the device you will be using to stream Netflix, and connect to the US server.

As of now, Express VPN stands as my top recommendation. But I am always testing new and old solutions and if anything changes, I will be sure to update you.


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