What Is the Best Cheap VPN in 2023?

There is no denying the convenience brought about by the internet. But, we would be fools to overlook its biggest disadvantage. Invasion of our privacy. Did you know that there is a hacker attack happening every 39 seconds? As a result, millions of confidential user data end up in the hands of criminals every month. […]

What Is the Best Free VPN in 2023?

The internet has revolutionized how we live today. From communication, to transport, all the major technological advancements we see now we owe in part to the internet. But it has come at a price. Our privacy. Now it’s so easy for anyone to find out what is going on in your life because all this […]

What Is the Best VPN for Asia in 2023?

Try searching for the top countries with the highest level of internet censorship right now and you will realize one thing. The majority of them are Asian. In case you are not aware of the implications of that, it means you may not be able to access a lot of the usual websites. Facebook, Instagram, […]

What Is the Best VPN for Europe in 2023?

Are you familiar with the 14-eye alliance? It’s a surveillance network consisting of 14 countries that share intelligence data with each other. And by intelligence data, I mean your online activities and GPS location information. And considering how much we currently rely on our devices, this is all the information that the government needs to […]

What Is the Best VPN for Foxtel in 2023?

The US has Fox, the UK has BBC, Canada has CTV and Australia has Foxtel. What do all these names have in common? They are major television networks that come with awesome content to show. What else? They cannot be accessed outside their respective regions. At least not normally. You will need to use a […]

What Is the Best VPN for Porn in 2023?

I was going through my Quora feed the other day and I came across this question, what are the top things that everybody does but will not admit. One of the answers caught my attention. “Watching porn and masturbating.” Did you know that Pornhub, the largest porn site, received over 42 billion site visits in […]

How to Block Cookies in all Browsers (2023 Guide)

How to Block Cookies

Mention “cookies,” and you’ll have tickled the taste buds of most people. Real-life cookies are delicious, but internet cookies aren’t tasty. In fact, they can affect your privacy if you don’t know how to manage them. Speaking of cookies, whether you’re innocently chatting on an online forum, logging into Facebook, or browsing Google search results, […]

What Is the Best VPN for Twitch TV in 2023?

Playing video games is awesome but there is also something wildly exciting about watching other people play. Especially when that other someone is popular Twitch streamer Tfue who will make Fortnite look like a movie. And that is what makes Twitch so popular. It’s a form of entertainment but you also get to sharpen your gaming skills […]

VPN Unlimited Review 2023

VPN Unlimited is a US-based VPN service founded by KeepSolid Inc. in 2003. While its jurisdiction raises privacy concerns, the provider boldly promises to protect users’ connections. The promise is not just a mere play of words, as indeed the VPN offers full anonymity, thanks to their list of advanced security features. While the VPN’s […]

Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix in 2023?

Unlike a few years ago, you cannot purchase just any VPN and hope that it will unblock Netflix. Also, you cannot trust what the VPNs promise you on their official site. A lot of them will promise you to successfully unblock Netflix only for you to be met with a streaming error. Although to be […]